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I have been in a process of re-creating my livelihood for several years, ever since leaving the structure of a corporate career. During this period, I have switched careers and callings so fast that even my head is still spinning. And, of course, there is no guarantee that my path won’t take even more crazy twists and turns as time goes by. Time, after all, is the agent of change.

For now, however, I have some clarity on how I will go forward, and it involves a new web presence. My deepest gratitude to those of you following me here; I would love to have you join me in my new online home. For one thing, I think it’s beautiful. And, it is more up-to-date on what I’m up to.

Eventually, this site will re-direct to the new one, but that’s not likely to happen right away. Although I will no longer be posting on this site, I will certainly respond to comments and inquiries as promptly as possible.

What does yoga have to do with leadership?

Yoga has become popular here in the U.S. Most people think of it as exercise, a series of postures, perhaps with some breathing practices. However, yoga means union. The word refers to the practice of bringing all aspects of life and self together in integrity, as a whole. It also refers to the fact that each part is a reflection of the whole: the microcosm is a hologram of the macrocosm. The practice of yoga is designed to lead us to knowing ourselves on all levels – body, mind, spirit – and experiencing ourselves as an indivisible part of the whole universe. To care for one’s self is to care for the earth we live on as well as the rest of the world.

As microcosms of the world in which we live, we are all leaders. The yoga of leadership is the practice of becoming fully authentic, and recognizing the incredible import of our actions on everyone and everything around us, whether we can see it or not. Leaders care, and care for this world starts with care for one’s self.

This site includes my occasional blog posts as well as my offerings. I teach self-care based in yoga and its sister science of Ayurveda to individuals and groups. I also facilitate writing workshops that encourage authentic expression through the written word. I work in person in the magnificent town of Livingston, Montana, and long distance through the wonders of modern technology.
Kristine Backes


After nearly three decades in communication and leadership work for public and private organizations, pursuing what has been called the ‘American Dream,’ I decided it was time to take a time-out to broaden my experience….and experiences. I spent six months in India on two separate trips; one to obtain an advanced yoga teaching certificate, and another that was part pilgrimage and part immersion in Ayurveda, the sister health science to yoga. This immersion included signing up for a month-long ancient cleansing and healing treatment known as panchakarma. These experiences kicked off an intense process of self-transformation that, as I am beginning to understand, is an integral aspect of Life itself.

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You can read about some of my time in India here.

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