I’m featured!

Portland is the land of plenty for writers. One of the many resources is a wonderful organization called Portland Women Writers. I have been participating in one of their weekly workshops since last summer, showing up every Wednesday to write to prompts with a group of ten women.¬†And now, the organization is featuring my writing on their website! Can you tell I’m excited?

As thrilled as I am, I also catch myself wanting to make excuses – “it’s not polished”, “they were just extemporaneous responses to prompts”, etc., all in the vein of “what if I’m not really good enough?” But you can read that in the published pieces themselves, I don’t need to go into it all over again. And besides, the answer is (I must “repeat after me”, sometimes every minute or so) it is good enough or it wouldn’t be on the website. End of discussion.

Although it isn’t obvious from the sporadic blog posts, I have been doing a lot of writing on several different projects, from spiritual memoir to stories about my parents. I am trying to be patient with seeing what will take shape, and balance that patience with the discipline to keep writing, reading, and learning. I am surrounded by books, attending workshops like the one I mentioned above, and simply making time and space to sit at the keyboard and let what is in my head and heart flow out onto the page.

In the meantime, I have endless gratitude to Dawn Thompson and PDX Women Writers for the support and encouragement.