Do you need a little darkness?

This is another creation from the Wednesday workshop.

Do you need a little darkness to get you going? Into yourself, I mean, that world inside that you have tried to ignore all these years, preferring instead the outside, the light, the illusion that the goal is happiness and sunshine all the time. Who taught you that? Who taught us that? Where could we possibly have gotten the idea that Life is so one-dimensional, only existing out there, in increments to be measured and explained and planned and controlled. How silly, as if She could ever be so predictable.

No, better to remember Rilke’s words – “You, darkness, from which I come; I love you more…”

Oh, alright, yes, you’re right. There is a balance. Actually, I really don’t like that word. We don’t live on a see-saw, careening back and forth as we try to stay in the middle. A spiral is more like it – a never-closing circle that cycles us in and out, darkness and light, sadness and joy, all together but apart, all at the same time once we realize there is no such thing as time.

I know, you say you never intended to be in this world in the first place, that you didn’t sign up for the pain. I don’t buy it. You made the choice, you’ve simply forgotten. It is your nature, just as it is mine, and hers, and his. After all, you are love, and this is what Love does: it comes back, over and over for as long as it takes – to heal, to live, to redeem. And let me be clear about this, crystal clear: redemption does not come in the light until you have been in the darkness. How can it? After all, you aren’t redeeming what is bright and pretty. Well, not usually. You are redeeming that which hides, ashamed and frightened and so sure it won’t be loved. So your job is to see, hear, taste, smell and then embrace that which is un-embraceable, to be Love, to love the dark and all things hidden away, all things uncomfortable, the agony and the joy.

And more, to finally, eventually, spectacularly know this:

They are the same thing.

Prompt: The Fourth Sign of the Zodiac by Mary Oliver