Time to move on

I have been in a process of re-creating my livelihood for several years, ever since leaving the structure of a corporate career. During this period, I have switched careers and callings so fast that even my head is still spinning. And, of course, there is no guarantee that my path won’t take even more crazy twists and turns as time goes by. Time, after all, is the agent of change.

For now, however, I have some clarity on how I will go forward, and it involves a new web presence. My deepest gratitude to those of you following me here; I would love to have you join me in my new online home. For one thing, I think it’s beautiful. And, it is more up-to-date on what I’m up to.

Eventually, this site will re-direct to the new one, but that’s not likely to happen right away. Although I will no longer be posting on this site, I will certainly respond to comments and inquiries as promptly as possible.