About Kristine

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Kristine Backes has been writing for much of her life in one way or another. She left a 30-plus year corporate communication career in 2010 to go exploring in foreign countries as well as her own heart. In the process she began to learn how to write for herself.

Kristine has been studying leadership for over thirty years, yoga since 2001, and Ayurveda for nearly that long. Through a career that includes lobbying, public relations, employee communication and development,  yoga and Ayurveda, she has learned what good and bad leadership look like, often through her own mistakes. She holds an undergraduate degree in environmental science from Washington State University, a master of arts in organizational leadership from Gonzaga University, several yoga teaching certifications and a dash of training in Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching.  Kristine brings her wide range of education and experience together in a unique style of healing and coaching work when she isn’t writing. She makes her home in the mountains of Livingston, Montana.